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Welcome to GlassOne. We are a Swiss glass company who can provide commercial bottles and glass containers of all shapes and color. The top two principles have extensive glass experiences for over 30 years, both locally within the Swiss market and internationally across three continents.

Why source your glass from GlassOne and what do we offer?

We offer a refreshingly transparent way of doing business.
We are so confident of delivering to our commitment that we allow all our clients the ability to track their orders in real time.
In terms of pricing we will offer globally competitive rates.

What we do

We deliver complete glass packaging to your specification. If required we can lead with original design and glass creativity to give your brand that competitive edge.

Contact information:

To continue with your inquiry please send an email at info@glassone.ch. Alternately if you prefer to have a conversation please dial +41 27 451 25 20.
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